It is a well-known fact that your immediate surroundings affect your state of mind, and they have a bearing on your attitude and emotional state. The same principle applies to employees in the office. A tidy and well-organised office evokes positive feelings in employees while an untidy or disorganised office evokes negative emotions and attitudes. For this reason, the state of hygiene in the office determines how happy and productive your employees are.

The relationship between untidy workspaces and stress

Researchers have established that a dirty environment has a negative effect on one’s physical and mental wellbeing and it lead s to stress. The physical health of employees working in an unclean environment can deteriorate because of dust allergies, the flu, or many other conditions that may arise as a result of the mess. The mental wellbeing of your employees will be affected because they will be constantly distracted by the mess and worried about contracting illnesses. The distraction caused by the mess will lead to higher stress, and therefore lower happiness and productivity.

Why clean offices make happy employees

If your offices are always clean, tidy and well organised, your employees are likely to be happier, healthier, more creative, more focused, and more productive. In a tidy office, there are fewer distractions competing for the attention of your employees, and they are therefore more likely to focus on their work. Without having to worry about contracting diseases, your employees will be less stressed out, so they will be happier. If there is no stuffiness or bad odour in the offices, your employees will be more comfortable, and their morale will be boosted.

To have happy employees, you need to ensure that your offices always feel clean, bright and fresh. Employees working in clean offices are less likely to call in sick, to take long breaks, or to be unproductive. You should, therefore, prioritise office tidiness because it is central to the happiness of your employees and the success of your business.

Office cleaning to boost employee happiness and productivity

To keep your offices clean and well organised, you should ensure that paper clutter is reduced as much as possible. Make use of filing cabinets and a storage room to lessen clutter on top of desks and in the open. All surfaces in the office need to be frequently dusted, and the office kitchen and restrooms need to be spotless at all times. You should hire a janitor or contract a commercial cleaning company to help you with your office cleaning. It is worth it to spend some money on professional office cleaners because you cannot put a price on employee happiness.