Water damage to carpets as a result of leakages or flooding is a fairly common occurrence. When this happens to your carpet, your best course of action is to deal with it as quickly as possible. It is always wise to act fast when cleaning water damaged carpets because the longer the water stays in the fibres, the more extensive the damage.

Many people assume that water-damaged carpets cannot be salvaged. This is not true. When promptly contacted, carpet cleaning specialists can help limit the damage and even completely restore your carpet. When water gets into your carpet, you should call a carpet cleaning specialist as soon as possible so that you can have them come to your home and assess the damage.

The source of the water determines whether or not a carpet can be salvaged. If the water is from leaky pipes or an overflowing sink, the carpet can be thoroughly cleaned and it can be reused. However, if the water is from sewage pipes or other contaminated sources, it may be difficult to restore the carpet.

When contacted, carpet cleaning specialists will come to your place, carry out an inspection, and decide how best to solve your problem. The carpet cleaning specialists will identify the source of the water, and decide which cleaning process is best given the nature of the water, the fabric of your carpet, and the extent of the water damage.

Carpet cleaning specialists usually use powerful vacuum cleaners to extract water from the carpet. These vacuum cleaners are usually of an industrial grade, and they often remove most of the water from the carpet, leaving the fibres only slightly damp.

After the vacuum water removal process, the carpet cleaning specialists will deploy a dehumidifier into the room. The humidifier is used to control the moisture levels in the room, to aid the drying process, and to prevent any further water damage on the carpet.

Carpet cleaners also use powerful fans to help dry off the carpet. These fans are usually left on for up to 12 hours, and they run at full speed to hasten the drying off process. The carpet cleaning and restoration processes work best when there is minimal interference during the dehumidification stages, so you should stay out of the way as the cleaners do their magic.

There are many companies that specialize in cleaning water damaged carpets. If you experience water damage on your carpets, it is wise to call one of them, rather than trying to deal with the issue on your own. Professional carpet cleaners have access to special equipment that may be able to help save your carpet.