One of the toughest problems that a homeowner will ever face is how to get stains out of a carpet. This can be quite confusing as different stains react to various types of treatment. If you are not careful, you can easily and quickly find yourself making a minor stain into a more complex and challenging stain to contend with. The following article will give you the confidence that you need to deal with these stains and to get them out of your carpet effectively. After reading this article, you will not be haunted by these stains ever again.

Food and drink carpet stains

Consumables are the main stains that a person will experience on their carpet. The horror that comes from one of these items staining the carpet is almost too much to imagine. There is no need to worry if you have some basic home products, then you are more than able to rid yourself of these stains and get your carpet looking as good as the day that you first had it installed.

If you have a drink spill, then you need to take some paper towels and gently dab the stain. It is important that you catch this quick as to help minimise the stain setting into the carpet. Another tip is to make sure you dab instead of press. If you press, then you run the risk of the stain setting into the carpet due to it being pressed into the carpet deeper. After this you will want to make sure that you get your club soda as this will be the next step in fighting the stains in your carpet. Take a little club soda and pour it on a paper towel. This will then need to be dabbed into the stain. If you have a larger stain, then make sure that you pour extra on the stain. This then needs to be allowed to sit and soak into the stain for about five minutes. After this has been allowed to sit, then you can move on to the next step of this process.

This will be the step where you actually will lift the stain from the carpet. Take some paper towels or a white cloth and press it into the stain. The stain should release from the carpet and be picked up by the paper towels. It is important that you replace these towels regularly as the stain continues to lift from the carpet. This will assist to make certain that you are getting the best results from your efforts. Doing this will also help not to transfer the stain back to the carpet from bleed through that might happen.

After you have finished this take some grease cutting soap along with a bucket of warm water and use this to gently rub the rest of the stain out of the carpet. If you have performed this perfectly, you will have petite left of the stain and will barely be able to notice the stain was even there. The last step is to take and pat dry the carpet and run a wet dry vacuum cleaner over the area to clean any residue that might be left over.

Oil carpet stains

Oil stains are a touch harder to clean but still able to be done if you have the same items from the previous stain. Dab the area with paper towels to get what you can up from the stain. The next step will be vital that you follow to make sure that you get the stain removed. This move if not done correctly can lead to your carpet being stained forever.

Take some baking soda and spread it over the stain in a liberal way. It is okay if you go a little heavy with this as you want there to be plenty to help and break up the stain. Let the baking soda sit there for a couple to three hours to give it time to break the stain up and allow it to be lifted from the carpet. This will be crucial in helping to make sure that the stain is lifted and does not sit longer than it should. You should do this right away, the sooner that you do this, the more success you will have removing the stain.

After the baking soda has been allowed to sit and work on the stain, the next step will simply be to vacuum up the baking soda and get as much of it up as you can. This will be subsequent to last step in the process of getting rid of an oil stain from a carpet. There will still be one last step that will have to be taken in helping to get the stain out of the carpet once and for all without all the trouble that is associated with this exercise.

Like with food stains, take some grease cutting soap along with a bucket of warm water and apply this to the stain with a gentle bristle brush. Using strokes that are gentle and not overly harsh, you can then begin the process of lifting the remaining stain from the carpet. Taking paper towels and gently rubbing the stain you can easily lift the stain with little to no trouble at all.

Get those carpet stains out

This information has been meant to be a guide in helping you to get the most basic of stains out of a carpet. While this is not a definitive guide. It is a good place to begin and get an idea of the things that you can do that will help to get the stains out of the carpet. Most of the tips and tricks listed in this article will allow you the chance to get other stains out by implementing some of the same tips. This advice can go a long way in helping you to relax when dealing with the ugly stains in your carpet. Finally, it may be necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.