Commercial cleaning is usually a complex process that makes use of many chemical products. Because of this complexity, sometimes the products or processes involved can cause harm to the environment or to the health of cleaners and employees working in the buildings. These days, a lot of cleaning companies are taking care to use products and processes that cause the least harm to the surroundings, a practice that is referred to as environmentally friendly commercial cleaning.

There are many benefits to using environmentally friendly cleaning services and products. One advantage of such products is that they preserve indoor air quality. Some traditional commercial cleaning products have derogatory effects on the quality of air in office buildings and institutions such as hospitals. These old cleaning products can in some cases cause eye, lung or skin irritation. Environmentally friendly cleaning products do not lower the quality of air or cause sensory irritation in the people working indoors.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products also protect the drainage systems in commercial buildings. Cleaning products that are corrosive can easily destroy drainage pipes in buildings and cause leaks. When traditional cleaning products are used, the resultant waste water may end up in rivers, and the chemicals could destroy aquatic life. A commitment to using green cleaning services is actually a commitment to posterity.

The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and services increases the productivity of office workers. This is because the products have no negative effects on people’s health. Unlike traditional products, green cleaning products do not cause people’s allergies to act up.

There are many cleaning companies that offer environmentally friendly services. When deciding on which one to pick, it is important to remember that caring for the environment does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of the cleaning service you receive. There are green cleaning products that match or even surpass traditional products when it comes to effectiveness. You should pick janitorial service providers that have positive reviews and products with proven effectiveness.

The cost of environmentally friendly cleaning services is more or less similar that of traditional cleaning services. Switching from traditional to green cleaning services should be a lateral move in terms of the money that you spend on a commercial cleaner. You should be weary of companies and cleaning services that charge premiums for green cleaning products and services.

When looking to hire an environmentally friendly commercial cleaner, take some time to review the policies that each company has when it comes to environmental issues, to make sure that the products they use are in fact good for the environment. In your own small way, you will be helping to save the planet.