Clean offices have the effect of boosting the morale of workers while at the same time improving the image of an institution or a business. For this reason, cleaning expenses are essential budget items in all offices. However, with the many operating costs around the office, it behooves all businesses and institutions to take every possible measure to reduce office cleaning costs.

One major way to cut office cleaning costs is to have a deliberative process while shopping for cleaning products. If you are in charge of procuring cleaning services and products in your office, it is important to first of all list every cleaning task necessary in the office, and the frequency of each task. You can then list the products, chemicals and equipment required to accomplish each cleaning task, and then research the prices and reviews of multiple product options before settling on one.

The cleaning product with the lowest price tag is not necessarily the one that costs less in the long run. With products such as detergent, it may be necessary to compare the product cost with the dilution factor. It is also advisable to buy cleaning products in bulk rather than making frequent small purchases because wholesale prices tend to be lower.

To cut office cleaning costs, you have to determine whether it makes more fiscal sense to hire in-house cleaners and janitors or to contract the job to a cleaning company. For small offices, it may make sense to have someone on the payroll to take care of all janitorial duties. In larger offices you should weigh the cost of having an in-house janitorial team versus contracting an outside company, and settle on the option that is cheaper.

Most institutions tend to underestimate how much water and electricity is used in office cleaning. Cleaning costs can be greatly reduced if the cleaning equipment use less water and electricity. Microfiber mops are a good example of water saving equipment. Although they are slightly more expensive to acquire compared to cotton mops, they are almost ten times more efficient when it comes to water usage. Microfiber mops also reduce labor costs and the cost of cleaning chemicals and detergents. Energy costs can be reduced by opting for electrical cleaning equipment with lower wattages.

If you want to find an affordable office cleaning contractor, it may make sense to look into businesses that are new in the market. This is because new businesses tend to charge lower prices because they want to break into the market. If your office is among the first clients of a relatively new cleaning company, you will likely be charged a low price, and even as the company grows, gains more customers and raises it prices, yours will likely remain low if you negotiate a long term contract.