The office kitchen is an invaluable amenity in any place of work. Employees who need some coffee, tea, snacks, or even an entire meal, rely on a clean and well-kept office kitchen to meet those needs. The office kitchen is probably the most used room in the whole work place because pretty much every single person gets hungry at some point.

The key places to watch out for while cleaning an office kitchen are the floor, the countertops, the shared fridges, the microwave, the disposal bins and the sink area. With these places in mind, here are a few simple steps to keep the office kitchen clean.

  1. Put someone in charge of the office kitchen
    In any workplace where everyone is always busy, any task that has not been allocated so someone can easily be neglected. Therefore, someone should always be in charge of keeping the kitchen office clean. If it’s possible, you can delegate the duty to a janitor or a secretary. An alternative is to create a schedule where different employees are in charge of the kitchen on different days or weeks.
  2. Mop the kitchen floor several times daily
    There is usually a lot of foot traffic in community office kitchen. This means that people are likely to track in dust. Spillages are also very common on office kitchen floors, and they are often unsightly. The kitchen floor should be cleaned more often than any other floor in the office. Try to schedule the mopping at times when there are few or no employees in the kitchen.
  3. Keep the countertops clean and clear
    In office kitchens, spillages are common on the countertops. People also tend to leave the things they use out on the countertops rather than returning them into the cabinets. Countertops should be cleared and wiped down every time they are used.
  4. Clean out the shared fridges every week
    Shared fridges in office kitchens tend to overflow with abandoned and leftover food items that need to be thrown out. At the end of every week, clear out the fridge to get rid of food that has been neglected.
  5. Avoid accumulating dishes in the sink
    Piling unwashed cups in the office kitchen should be discouraged. Dishes and cups should be washed as soon as they are used to keep the kitchen neat. This is also necessary to ensure that there are enough clean cups in the office at all times.
  6. Create a list of rules and send it out as a memo
    People in the office tend to abide by memos and notices. You should a comprehensive list of rules, and then prominently display it in the office kitchen. The rules should remind employees to leave countertops clear, make use of dustbins, make proper use of the microwave, wash their own cups, and to watch out for spillages.