A clean and well-organised working environment can go a long way in boosting morale, concentration, and productivity. In any busy office, it may be difficult to find the time to clean and organise, and it is easy to end up in an office that has piles of paper and pieces of stationery scattered all over. Whether you work in a commercial building or from home, the following office cleaning tips will help ensure that you spend your working hours in a clean and organised space.

Ensure that everything has a designated place

Space allocation is the key to office organisation. Every single item in your office should have a designated spot, and it should be placed there whenever it is not in use. For instance, you should have a particular place on the desk or in a drawer where your stapler, pens or other items are to be placed. Items that are used more often should be placed within arm’s reach, while those used less frequently should be put further away. Knowing where everything is located saves you a lot of time, and it stops you from turning your whole office upside down every time you need a paper clip.

Clean up before closing down

You should spend the last few minutes of your working day cleaning your office. Ensure that you tidy up your office and put everything in its place before leaving in the evening. If you arrive at work in the morning to find a cluttered office, you can end up feeling overwhelmed, and this will negatively affect your productivity.

Keep your papers organised

You should arrange your active paperwork in trays, and you should file them as soon as you are done with them. You should try as much as possible to avoid having loose papers all over your desk. A good practice is to use paper trays during the week and to file the papers at the end of the week. Use folders and filing cabinets to organise all your files. You should also consider archiving your old files in a separate storage room rather than letting them take up all the space in your office.

Cleaning the fridge and the break room

The community fridge in the break room should be cleared out and cleaned as frequently as possible. Food that has been left in the fridge by the end of the week should be thrown out, and the fridge should be defrosted and disinfected at least once every month. Unclaimed or expired food can end up wasting much-needed space in the office fridge, so a notice should be posted in the break room to remind people to toss out any food they no longer intend to consume. The microwave should be cleaned in case of spillage, and all surfaces in the break room should be cleared after use.

Cleaning computers and other office electronics

Use microfiber clothing to wipe computer screens as frequently as possible. You should also use cans of compressed air or desktop vacuum cleaners to remove any dust and debris from your keyboard. The top of your computer tower, copy machine, telephone, fax machine, and other electronic equipment should be wiped daily to prevent the accumulation of dust.